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I recently had two teeth extracted, some bone build up, implants put in place, and two other teeth worked on and permanently crowned, all in one visit with Dr Campus. It is, by far, the most extensive work I've had done in one sitting, even though I have a mouth full of bridges and crowns. I'm 62 years old and I've always been terrified of the dentist, so Dr Campus prescribed an anti anxiety medication for me. No dentist has ever bothered to be concerned about my anxiety (though they've all experienced it), so I really appreciate that Dr Campus took me seriously from the beginning and tried to make me comfortable. I was so comfortable, and it was so completely pain free that I slept though the whole thing, without any discomfort or anxiety at all! (Only a lot of embarrassment for snoring!) And, so far, each time I have gone back (when it was just to have he implants checked), I haven't felt any angst about going to the office, which has NEVER happened to me since my second visit to the dentist as a child. I get the crowns in two weeks. I expect everything to go well. Just having that positive expectation, alone, is new and feels so good! After retiring and moving back to the Pensacola area, choosing a dentist was the most stressful choice of the all the new health care choices I had to make. Recently, a relative and a friend recommended their dentists to me. I just held up my hand and said, "I've already found my dentist, an he's awesome!" I went on to tell them what a great experience I had. Thanks


"The staff are true southern belles with great attitudes and caring. There's true sunshine in their voices and treatment"
— Mary Lou, Pensacola, Florida

"May all your good come back to you and I'll never forget how kind Dr. Campus was with dental needs and care"
— Pat, Pensacola, Florida

"Can't thank Dr. Campus enough for being so great! Especially since I hate going to the dentist. Left a whole new person"
— Rachel, Pensacola, Florida

"Dr. Campus deserves a heartfelt 'thank you' for all his kindness. He was truly there for us when in time of need ... and pain. He went above and beyond to provide care to me and my wife"
— Bob, Lillian, Alabama

"It was actually a great experience to go to this dentist. I showed up in fear and pain with much needed root canal, but left so surprised that he was such a gental dentist. I'll never go anywhere else"
— Susan, Foley, Alabama

"It took more than 60 years, but I finally met the dentist who I'd trust to place a full set of dentures. I have a beautiful smile, now. The whole experience has been amazing. I never smiled with lips open and now I smile the biggest grin."
— Monica, Cantonment, Florida

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